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With most kinds of addiction, the first step toward breaking free comes in the form of drug and alcohol medical detox treatment at a center that offers such expertise. If you would like to stop living life in thrall to drugs and to regain your sobriety and freedom, looking for quality medical detox centers in Fitchburg is the first step that you need to take. Before you can truly engage in the process of getting better, however, you need to understand what addiction really does to you. It's the only way that you will really learn how to fight back.

When subjected to drugs or alcohol over an extended period of time, the brain reacts with both mental and physiological adaptations. The substances take over functions of natural chemicals in the brain, but then create effects far stronger than naturally possible.

Since these substances take over the functions or natural chemicals, the brain's own abilities in this area fall fallow. This is dependence on drugs -- while drugs take over the brain's tasks, the brain's own functions fall idle.

When an attempt is made to stop using drugs, the brain suddenly has no way to control various vital functions with -- neither its own neurotransmitters nor drugs. This is the condition that creates withdrawal symptoms -- as the brain attempts to regain control, neurotransmitter and other chemical levels remain unstable for days or weeks.

Drug addiction in Fitchburg also comes with emotional or psychological dependence. This effect manifests as the cravings that addicts feel when they stop using. Such emotion, too, is a direct effect of the action of drugs on the brain, not a conscious choice to choose drug use over a healthy life.

Emotional or psychological dependence happens when drugs mimic natural brain chemicals to stimulate the brain's reward center and create feelings of pleasure.

By design, the reward center creates deep feelings of loyalty, love, and attachment to things that produce such pleasure. Under natural circumstances, such combinations of pleasure and attachment only come about for wholesome things such as love for a caring person. Drugs, however, tap into this function of the brain. While drugs may be an artificial stimulant, the attachment and love created for drugs created are real. When an attempt is made to stop, cravings come forth that are not very different from pangs of love felt for someone held dear.

When you begin to look for medical detox centers in Fitchburg, you need to find a center that is able to help you overcome both these effects. It is not a simple matter; it takes a multi-pronged approach.

Here's What Happens in Medical Detox

Medical detox treatment doesn't actually detoxify the system -- it doesn't flush drugs out. Drugs do leave the system very quickly on their own. The term is a mere remnant of an earlier time when it was thought such flushing was needed. Instead, the detox process merely involves waiting over a period of time until the brain recalibrates its chemical systems to a normal state once you stop taking drugs.

Unfortunately, in many cases -- with benzodiazepines, heroin, and alcohol, especially -- the effects of a brain working to recalibrate can be serious, and even fatal. The brain can experience seizures, the body can experience cardiac arrest. You can also go through extreme discomfort and cravings, all of which can make you seriously consider throwing in the towel. Medical detox is a treatment that helps ensure that you are safe through the process in a medical sense and that you receive medical treatment to ensure a degree of physical comfort and freedom from cravings so that you do not consider returning to drug use.

Inpatient Medical Detox Is the Gold Standard

The unpredictability of the medical detox process can be a challenge. From tremors and seizures to cardiac disturbances, the level of risk that an addict faces are often not obvious at first. There is greater unpredictability in longer-standing addictions, and addictions involving multiple drugs.

The level of motivation experienced is another area of challenge. A high level of motivation to get better tends to be rare. Patients often require constant, friendly support to keep up their level of engagement in the process and to remain determined to see the process through.

Both challenges can be hard to meet in the home environment. Finding addiction treatment in Fitchburg at medical detox centers is a far better idea.

Finding the Best Possible Care

When you look for quality inpatient medical detox centers in Fitchburg, it's important to make sure that the center is properly accredited by either CARF or JA. A center with specific experience in the addiction that you suffer from is likely to be in a better position to help, as well. You're far more likely to find success when you conduct a well-planned search for quality medical detox in Fitchburg. Call Fitchburg Drug Rehab Centers now for help (978) 530-4107.

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