Drug Withdrawal in Fitchburg, MA

When drug abuse gets to the point of addiction, there is often very little pleasure left in the activity -- it simply becomes an expensive compulsion that ruins your life. A complex collection of reasons gets in the way of those attempting to quit, however. Prominent among them: the fear of the pain of drug withdrawal. When there is a believable promise of pain-free treatment, however, it tends to bring about far greater enthusiasm. Fitchburg Drug Rehab Centers offer a free advisory service to help you or your loved ones who struggle with addiction receive compensation from our featured or sponsored listing.

Look for Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment is rehab care offered in a residential setting. The patient checks into a hotel-like facility and accepts care by experts around the clock. This form of treatment is generally recommended in all cases of addiction where complications are in evidence. It is highly recommended for nearly anyone who is anxious about a painful experience, however.

When you look for inpatient treatment for drug withdrawal in Fitchburg, you'll find that there are facilities that offer luxurious accommodations and services. While such drug withdrawal treatment options may not directly tie in with improved treatment, it does lead to improved results. Patients tend to be more willing to attend such rehab facilities for reasons of the promise of comfort.

Ask About the Specifics of Any Pain-Free Treatment Plan

Not every rehab offers the same treatment as inpatient rehab in Fitchburg, which operates on a policy of minimal pain. Only some do, with addiction professionals on hand at all times with instructions to take every step possible to minimize patient discomfort. It's important to make sure that there is staff available at all times for such intervention.

Look for Patient Support

Many people make the mistake of viewing addiction treatment as purely medical. They believe that it's not unlike treatment for an infection -- the medications do their work, and there is nothing much that the patient needs to do other than to put up with them. Drug and alcohol withdrawal treatment, however, are nothing like this. Addiction is a mental disorder. For the most part, treatment and its success tend to be psychological in nature.

The cravings involved in withdrawal can be so powerful, and the pain so great, it takes considerable motivation in the patient to stick to treatment. Patient engagement is not to be taken for granted. It is the reason why inpatient care is as important as it is -- it places the patient in a drug-free environment where there is constant support by well-trained professionals. This would just not be available at home.

It's important to ask specific questions about the level of patient support offered by those with training. Pain and discomfort experienced during rehab aren't simple to treat. Its roots can be complex. It takes highly experienced addiction specialists to identify the difficulties seen and to accurately diagnose them and treat them. For example, only the most experienced addiction specialists are able to make off-label use of various medications for specific painful conditions.

Addictions are not all the same. It takes different sets of skills in a treating addiction specialist, attending to the needs of a patient suffering from heroin addiction when compared to a patient suffering from benzodiazepine addiction or alcohol addiction. It's important to make sure that the very experts who will attend to the patient have specific experience in the addictions seen.

Look for Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

Psychiatric disorders are common among those who suffer from addictions. The link between the two mental conditions is a strong one. When a patient with a psychiatric disorder is simply treated for addiction, success is unlikely. To begin, the therapeutic treatments that follow detox require patient involvement, which is unlikely when psychiatric disorders disturb the mind. The presence of psychiatric disorders is also likely to drive the patient to drug abuse again once treatment concludes.

A few advanced centers for drug withdrawal in Fitchburg offer quality integrated dual-diagnosis treatment where treatment for both addiction and psychiatric conditions is integrated into the program. It's a sign of high-quality treatment for drug withdrawal, and it is likely to make for a pain-free experience. A rehab with such expertise is far more likely to understand the challenges experienced by the patient and to offer the right kind of care.

Better Drug Withdrawal Care Equals Better Results

The smoother a drug withdrawal course goes, the more cooperative the patient is likely to be, and the better the patient's future prospects are. When you keep these ideas in mind looking for a center for drug withdrawal in Fitchburg, you're far more likely to find success. Call Fitchburg Drug Rehab Centers today to speak with an addiction advisor at (978) 530-4107. We will match you with a top-of-the-line drug rehab in Fitchburg, or one nearby.

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